Dalmore Capital’s investment focus is on providing institutional investors with access to low volatility infrastructure assets, particularly in the UK. The expertise of team members includes PPP assets, OFTOs, student accommodation, regulated utilities and assets, energy generation, renewables and social housing.

Such assets include PPPs, OFTOs and other energy transmission/distribution assets, standalone construction assets with mitigated construction exposure and similar infrastructure assets. Dalmore has recently expanded its capabilities to consider PPP opportunities in other higher-rated European jurisdictions.

Dalmore seeks assets with long-term predictable and inflation-linked cash flows with inflation correlation that will permit regular distributions of yield to be made to investors.

Dalmore offers a range of discretionary managed funds, co-investments and single asset investment opportunities to institutional investors. All Dalmore vehicles have a long-term investment horizon with a buy and hold strategy, typically 15 to 25 years, which broadly matches the duration of the projects in which Dalmore invests. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet investors needs through strong gross to net performance and also through a flexible range of investment vehicles and terms.